A to Omega is a Sci-Fi Funk and R&B-infused group from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have been creating original music for a decade, pushing boundaries between organic/electronic, ancient/futuristic; turning genres inside-out and on their head.

Formed in 2014 they released "Since Babylon," a full-length LP, getting double-takes with truly original arrangements made danceable with intricate thought-provoking lyrics. Vocalist (and co-creator) Rob Clark's vocals shine in a wide range of styles from Doo-Wop harmonization in "Cool You Down" to almost Metal in "Close Your Eyes." Featuring heavy stock in the form of Cincinnati musicians* and engineered by co-creator Andrew Karas, the record contains endless creativity to chew on like the title track "Babylon" and headbanger "Knee Deep (In the Past)."

A long-awaited 2nd album emerged in July of 2020. "Some Future Unforeseen," is a looser, more off-the-beaten-path accentuation of artistic honesty. The EP's natural laid-back feel is due to an always-recording studio designed by Karas. The idea was to always record with someone, a testament to live jamming having a bouncy push/pull that can't be replicated by recording one track or musician at a time. Once again tugging at the boundary limits of genres, tracks like "Crawling" get labeled as Jungle or EDM while "Open Your Arms" feels like R&B and "White Knight" can only be defined as an Intergalactic Club Banger.

Precisely two years later the group began performing their original works live. With Clark on bass guitar and lead vocals and Karas on drums (acoustic and electric) the two continue to bring high-caliber musicianship with the help of stellar musicians (most recently Ben Tweedt and Brian Bachelor-Glader as dual keyboard monsters) recreating their studio originals and adding favorites from influences like Prince, Jamiroquai and the Grateful Dead.

The group's 3rd installment, "Adaptations of Eve" is now available on all streaming platforms!

*Full List of A to Omega Musicians
Andrew Karas - Production, Arrangement, Drums, Synth, Keys, Vocals
Rob Clark - Production, Arrangement, Vocals, Synth, Bass, Guitar, Keys
Nick Sharp - Arrangement, Synth, Keys
Jonathan Williamson - Arrangement, Synth, Keys
Ted Karas - Lead Guitar 
Dixie Karas - Vocals 
Adrian Karas - (Live) Guitar
Ben Tweedt - (Live) Keys 
Brian Bachelor-Glader - (Live) Keys
Alex Willig - Synth, Keys
Spencer Young - Synth, Keys
Ian Scott - Synth, Keys
Akilah Basraoui - Vocals 

"Some Future Unforeseen" EP Album Cover, July 2020